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The menace of child sexual abuse is becoming rampant in our society.Most parents stay away from home due to the demand of their jobs or businesses.  The lives of children are entrusted into the hands of relatives, domestic staff and friends who take advantage of their innocence and vulnerability.  Because children are innocent and easily accessible, they have become more susceptible to sexual abuse. This has regrettably brought about long term emotional and psychological effects on them.  No parent would want to experience this epidemic whose impact sometimes remain permanent in the lives of victims. Sadly, many parents do not have the knowledge or skill to protect their children from sexual predators who prowl around our community.


Daily, we get reports of perpetrators developing new and sophisticated tactics to sexually abuse children. We therefore need to act fast before one more child becomes a victim! The good news is that the abuser’s trick can be matched with awareness and prevention strategies, hence this workshop.




Family Safety Consult and Christianah Fate Foundation (a non-governmental organization) are both partnering to create awareness and educate parents on child sexual abuse prevention strategies.  Both organizations have over seven years experience of passionately advocating the prevention of child sexual abuse and other related family safety concerns. Many organizations have benefitted from our advocacy activities which has earned us several awards. More so we have developed suitable safety tools for both children and parents to help tackle this silent epidemic.





To empower all children between ages 5-19 on positive defensive skills to curb child sexual abuse.





Teachers and Counsellors will be well equipped to discover sexual abuse and report to the appropriate authorities






This Child Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention Workshop for parents is specially designed to increase awareness of Child Sexual Abuse andeducate parents on prevention strategies using Family Safety Plans.





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